Just f*ckin’ launch it already


Start small. Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always edit, iterate, and scale it up later. Just f*ckin’ launch it already.

“Just f*ckin’ launch it already” is one of my brilliant takeaways from Behance 99U’s inaugural Pop-Up School held in New York in September this year. Kathryn Minshew, founder and CEO of The Muse, gave it as a valuable piece of advice to us designers, creators, producers, entrepreneurs, visionaries sitting in that room that day. “An ugly baby is better than no baby,” she said. Fine, then. Ugly baby it is.

Hi! My (Twitter) name is mariefunked. I’m a marketing specialist-designer from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. This blog is my attempt to f*ckin’ launch it already. It is my attempt to hold myself accountable. I will make (and actually finish) cool, self-driven projects that will stretch and push me beyond my comfort zone and will bring me to new heights of professional creativity. I have the foundational skills, the drive, the tools, and quite a few good ideas — now all I need is the commitment to execute those ideas. Stop over-thinking. Stop over-planning. Stop over-analyzing. Just dive in and do it. Just f*ckin’ launch it already.

And so today it begins. This blog will document my progress as I build the projects that will comprise my portfolio. In the end, my digital portfolio means more than just a showcase: it’s my own side thingy. It’s my digital design lab, a series of experiments. Experiments that will help me learn, grow, keep the fire in my belly burning. And later, some of these experiments might yield real products and services that people will actually use or hire me to do. Or not. But if the latter’s the case I will still take away valuable lessons and experiences that will contribute to my maturity. I can’t lose. As long as I keep going, it’s a win.

By “blogging out loud” and assuming your readership I want you to help me and hold me accountable. Check in. Drop a comment. Ask me how it’s going. Encourage me with feedback. Give me tough love. Expect me to “bring it,” and nothing less.

In later posts I will elaborate details and tell stories that will form some context around my digital lab. But for now, this is all it is: an ugly baby. A simple, minimalist blog that announces: I have f*ckin’ launched. It will be a good journey, and I’m immensely excited.


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