Hello again (checking in)

As it turns out, my last public post on this blog was December 2013. It is now February 2015. Lots of interesting things happened in my period of ‘absence’ from the public blogging world, and perhaps I’ll be able to share here my reflections on those, in retrospect — but later.

For now, a quick and dirty roadmap and summary of sorts:

  • I will be self-hosting this blog and a fuller website under my own domain. Yay! Am hoping to get that going before the (Canadian west coast) summer.
  • On the professional development front, I’ve done quite a lot of things. One effective way to retain what you learned, they say, is to take notes. Well, in my case, I hope to ‘take notes’ in the form of blogging, sharing what I’ve been learning and synthesizing these past few years. Again, I have the intention of doing that — executing it is another matter.
  • Between the time I first published this blog and now, the ‘digital lab’ has undergone some transformations. I have since taken a much deeper interest in entrepreneurship and business models, as I realized I probably could be making more impact if I could somehow turn my ‘side gigs’ and sandbox into a proper business. More on that in the next few months.
  • Private life, protecting incipient ideas VS the wired desire to connect socially and share — how do you walk that fine line? One big reason why I’ve ‘stopped’ blogging for a while is that I’m still trying to figure that out! 2014, obviously, has leaned more towards protecting my privacy. Let’s see if I do a better job balancing that out with more ‘sharing and connection’ this year…

Well… *publicizing* your attempts at creativity requires courage.


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