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Because we make: to make beauty is to be human

As Hannah Arendt observed, mankind is homo faber: man as maker. We are tool-makers, art-makers, and respond to what we make, especially those things that are well made. What makes an object attractive, desirable — in a word, beautiful — if not each detail that reveals the care, the close attention of its maker? The […]

Hello again (checking in)

As it turns out, my last public post on this blog was December 2013. It is now February 2015. Lots of interesting things happened in my period of ‘absence’ from the public blogging world, and perhaps I’ll be able to share here my reflections on those, in retrospect — but later. For now, a quick and dirty […]

Greece Corfu Alleyway

The Designer-preneur

In this week’s news from GOOD, one of my favourite sites: Lukas [an interactive web designer-developer] is travelling the world, exchanging his online work for things people can teach him: What would you want to teach him? This fantastic initiative reminded me of someone I met in one of my travels. A couple of […]

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Rainy Friday night

Rainy Friday night: writing, designing, and building my own virtual lab/studio. When I’m deep in thought reflecting on something, I find that it helps to purposely distract myself a bit by creating with my own hands. (Or “digital” hands, as the case may be.) So now I have a few half-finished projects stamped with specific […]

Side projects are experiments

Side gigs as experiments

I like the concept of “experiments” or, as I call it, my own “digital & design lab,” to refer to a side projects portfolio. I also like the idea of taking “MakeCations” dedicated to side ventures. I’ve been researching about side ventures, especially instructive experiences and strategies for sustaining them on top of a demanding full-time […]


Just f*ckin’ launch it already

Start small. Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You can always edit, iterate, and scale it up later. Just f*ckin’ launch it already. “Just f*ckin’ launch it already” is one of my brilliant takeaways from Behance 99U’s inaugural Pop-Up School held in New York in September this year. Kathryn Minshew, founder and […]